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The following are media hits covering our work:

October, 2012

Huffington Post- Bay Area Startups Await Crowdfunding Regulations

SF Gate- Crowdfunding Advertising an SEC Concern

NBC Bay Area- Bay Area Startups Await Crowdfunding Regulations

Miami Herald- EarlyShares’ CEO Give Lowdown on Crowdfunding

Crowdfund Mafia- What I Learned at Crowdfunding Bootcamp

Small Biz Lady- How to Leverage Crowdfunding for your Small Business

Thunderbird Magazine- Power of the Crowd

Napa Valley Register- Innovation Touted as Key to Local Economic Growth Crowdfunding is the Real Deal: A Report from the Crowdfunding Bootcamp

Seed Invest- Crowdfunding Goes Global

TEDxSanMigueldeAllende- Jason Best

CPA Magazine- Crowdfunding for CPAs

Forbes- Why Crowdfunding Will Explode in 2013

SXSW- SXSW Interactive Announces Programming for 2013

All in Web- Why Crowdfunding Will Explode in 2013

Cayman Financial Review- Alternative Investment: Crowdfunding

Napa Valley Register- Crowdfund Investing Comes to the Napa Innovation Summit

i-Canada- The What, Why and How of Creating Intelligent Communities

RITA- Sherwood Neiss with Robyn Levin at RITA Conference

Goldstein on Gelt- All About Crowdfunding

North Bay Business Journal- NAPA Chamber Hosts Innovation Summit

Uinvest- JOBS Act: The Future of American Crowdfunding

Global Shaper Rome Hub- Jason Best on Crowdfunding

Feed Story- Investors Weigh in on Crowdfund Investing at Chicago Event

Forbes- Investors Weigh in on Crowdfund Investing at Chicago Event

Finance Informant- Use Your Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Small Businesses

The Soho Loft- Founder of CfIRA, the Crowdfunding Industry Leading Group United Behind the Regulatory Organization to Protect Investors

IT Business Canada- Canadian and U.S. Lobby Groups Forge Crowdfunding Alliance Canadian and U.S. Lobby Groups Forge Crowdfunding Alliance

Red Rocket Venture Capital- Crowdfunding Details Starting to Emerge

September, 2012

Astia- Industry Panel Series: New Rules on Crowdfunding- A Real Opportunity for your Emerging Company?

Napa Valley Register- Napa Chamber’s October Summit to Highlight Crowdfunding

Xconomy- Silicon Valley Debates the Do’s and Don’ts of Equity Crowdfunding

Equities- Trashing of Canadian Internet Speed by Netflix Makes Need for Speed a Contentious Issue at Montreal Summit

Best Games for Girl- Small Business Classroom: From Wall Street to Main Street- How to Benefit from Crowdfund Investing

Bloomberg Markets- Crowdfunding Wins in Washington

Las Vegas Weekly- Meet the Internet’s Next Big Things, Thanks to CrowdStart-Vegas How Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act Got Started, Told By the Guy Behind the Idea

Green VC- Panel on “New Rules of Crowdfunding” to Take Place on September 27th

DCC Websites- Crowdfunding: Connecting Investors and Job Creators

Micro Dinero- Crowdfunding is the Epitome of Social Impact Investing: Interview with Woodie Neiss U.S. to Allow Startups Access to Crowdfunding ‘Within 6 Months’

George Jarkesy Radio Show- Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss of Startup Exemption- Join the Show

Crowdfund Your Business- Six Steps to Crowdfunding Success- Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss

ILTA- The Re-Emergence of Crowdfunding

Business 2 Community- Crowdfunding Stifled at Home, Expands Overseas

Isreal National News- Goldstein on Gelt: Have You Ever Heard of Crowdfunding? Could Crowdfunding Save the World? Some of the Names Behind the JOBS Act Think So… 

August, 2012

Venture Beat- SEC Uses JOBS Act to Set Up New Roadblocks to Crowdfunding

Big Marketing for Small Business- How to Rev Up Your Network for Crowdfunding

Techcrunch- SEC’s Proposed Rule on General Solicitation Reads, “Sorry…Please Hold…It’s too Complicated for Us”

Mass High Tech- Whatever Happened to Crowdfunding?

The Chronicle- SEC’s Proposed Rule on General Solicitation Reads, “Sorry…Please Hold…It’s too Complicated for Us” Entrepreneur 2.0– Merging Education, Crowdfunding & Incubators

Ecopreneurist- Will Renewable Energy be the Focus of Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurs?

MedCity- SEC Delays Crowdfunding Process Again, NASAA Calls it Top Investor Trap

Venture Beat- Crowdfunding Delayed Again, Blasted as a ‘Top Danger’

Wired- Oops! Venture Capital Rebirth Delayed by Third Blown Deadline

Wired- Feds to Break Up Tech’s Investor Party

Venture Beat- Congressman: SEC’s Foot-Dragging is Killing Crowdfunding Promise

Forbes- Top 10 Most Influential People in Business Crowdfunding

Denver Post- Boulder Forum Says Crowdfunding Will be a Hit in U.S.

CNBC- Creating Winning Crowdfunded Campaigns

Inc- How to Make $2 Million in One Day

Boulder County Business Report- Conference to Explore Crowdfunding

Inc – How to Make $2 Million in One Day

Tech Crunch - How to Make Sure Your Crowdfunding Dreams Don’t Turn Into an Investor Relations Nightmare

July, 2012

MO- The Six P’s of Small Business Success Through Crowdfunding

Arabian Business- Where the Crowd Goes, Others Follow

Tasty Trade – Bootstrapping with Jason Best

Small Biz Daily – The New Rules of Crowdfunding: 6 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know – Fireside chat with Sherwood Neiss

Daily Business Review – Rules on ‘Crowdfunding’ Being Written

Startup California – Howard Leonhardt & Jason Best speak at the Startup California Launch Event

Knowledge Mobilization – The Potential of CrowdFunding with CSI Toronto & Cdling

SB Wire – Jason Best and Sherwood Neiss of Crowdfund Capital Advisors Join Crowdfunder’s Board of Advisors

Ottawa Citizen – How Crowdsourcing Could Help Startups- Provincial Governments Get On Board

SB Wire – Crowdfunding Professional Association Welcomes Departing National Crowdfunding Association Board to Their Coalition – NLCFA Board Members Jump Ship To CFPA

June, 2012

Crain’s New York Business – Get ready for Crowdfunding 2.0

Forbes – The JOBS Act: How To Ensure It Pays Off For Entrepreneurs

Crowdsourcing – Crowdfunding Capital Advisors Featured on Crowdfunding Website Reviews

SB Wire – Crowdfund Investment Professionals from Around the Globe Unite to Help Entrepreneurs Gain Access to Capital

Cdling – Crowdfunding is About Helping Startups Thrive

IT Business Canada – Crowdfunding Advocates Push for Reform in Ontario

Fins Technology – Crowdfunding Brings Start-Ups More Than Money

Canada One – Canadian Crowdfunding Essentials: An Interview with Sherwood Neiss

May, 2012

SB Wire – Crowdfund Capital Advisors Recognized at Fortune Leadership Summit

CNBC – What Small Business Is the Next Facebook?

Fast Company –
Shaking Up Crowdfunding

January, 2012

Crain’s New York Business - Could Startups Crowdsource Equity Investments?

December, 2011

Investment News - Crowd-funding‘ Bill Stalls in Senate

Huffington Post - House Passes First Crowdfunding Legislation

Inc Magazine - Could Crowdfunding Legislation Yield More Cash for Start-ups? | Inc 

Inc Magazine - Why the Crowdfunding Bill is Good for Start-ups

New York Times - Why Start-Ups Need ‘Crowd-Funding

Politico - Both parties investing in ‘crowdfunding

ReadWriteWeb - Next Step in Crowdfunding Growth: Make It Legal

VentureBeat - FAQ: What startups should know about the US crowdfunding bill

Reuters - US ‘microcap’ charges highlight debate over small-firm capital raising

Wired - Creating A Nation of Venture Capitalists Through Crowdfunding

Huffington Post - Crowdfunding’s Fraud Bogeyman

CFO Magazine - Smoothing the IPO Path

Reuters - Senators introduce bill to ease path to IPOs

New Hampshire Business Review - Crowdfunding bill gains in Congress

San Francisco Chronicle - Let’s allow crowd-funding to help entrepreneurs

TPM - Sen. Scott Brown Urges Passage of ‘Crowdfunding‘ Bill in Wired

Investment News - NASAA warns about shady characters infecting crowd funding

Wall Street Journal - Raise Cash on Crowdfunding Sites

November, 2011

Wall Street Journal - Crowd-Funding Brings Unease

NPR - The Deregulation Bill That’s Drawing Crowds

CNN - Is tapping the crowds the future of funding?

Business Week - Regulatory Thicket: Barrier to Small Business, or Political Bogeyman?

Wired News - HR 2930 won’t kill the professional angel community

Business Insider - If this Bill Passes, The Angel Investment Community is Dead and 

Economist - A new plan to allow ordinary investors to bet on start-ups

JD Supra - Crowdfunding: The Future of Startup Financing?

CBS News - Want more businesses? Let more people fund them

Venture Beat - Crowdfunding: Where it has been and where the new bill is taking 

Wall Street Journal - SEC Forum Considers Obstacles To Small Business Capital Formation

BizJournals - Brown bill would let startups ‘crowdfund‘ a round up to $1M

Washington Business Journal - House bill OKs ‘crowd funding‘ as a way to raise capital for 

TechCrunch - Steve Case: It’s Crazy You Have To Be An Accredited Investor, But 

Financial Times - Who will pay for the next Facebook?

Newser - Bi-partisan Deregulation Bill?

Westside Today - Why Occupy Wall Street Matters to the Street

Daily Crowdsourced - Crowdfunding Bills For Closely-Held Firms Recieve House Panel Backing

Morningstar - Crooks Lick Their Chops Over ‘Crowdfunding‘ Bill

Forbes - Crowd Funding An Option For Start-Ups?

JD Supra - Watch out House! Here comes the Senate with it’s own Crowdfunding Bill!

Baltimore Sun - Hancock: ‘Crowdfunding‘ bill would expose investors to swindles

Savannah Morning News - Jack Kingston: House bills would help small businesses grow 

Small Business Trends - Entrepreneurs to Rally – Will Urge Senate and SEC Action on Crowdfund Investing - Congress Votes: House Favors Bills to Encourage Small Business Investments

Lexology - House Financial Services Subcommittee passes five bills to ease the regulatory …

Reuters - SEC regulator backs crowdfunding, with limits

Portland Business News - US House approves bills allowing ‘crowd funding

Kansas City Infozine - Crowd Funding Creative but Risky

Venture Beat - FAQ: What the new US crowdfunding bill means for entrepreneurs

MSP Mentor - An Option for Funding Your Small Business: Crowdfunding

Triple Pundit - An Open Appeal to the SEC on Crowdfunding

Infographic - Infographic: The Crowdfunding Landscape

PBS Nightly Business - NBR Transcripts for November 8, 2011-Full Episode including segment with Jason Best on Crowdfunding

Hispanic News - Bill Open Door to Crowdfunding

October, 2011

Blog – Crowdfund Investing ITSELF Is an Investor Risk Mitigation Strategy …

Investment News - ‘Crowd funding’ draws the ire of state regulators

September, 2011

Press Release - Crowdfunding Gets a Hearing in the U.S. House


June, 2011

Thunderbird - Three Thunderbird Alumni to Bring Crowdfund Investing to Entreprneurs

May, 2011

All Business - SEC May Make Small Business Investment Easier

Small Business Trends - Community Based Investment Presented as a Solution to the Capital Crunch

O’Reilly Radar – Improving the Landscape for Organic Startups

April, 2011

Washington Times - Startups Seek New Form of Microfinance

Wall Street Journal - Small Internet Sales of Stock Get Review

San Francisco Business Times - SEC mulls easing rules on Web funding

Wall Street Journal – US Eyes New Stock Rules

Fiscal Times - Crowdfunding Promoted to Help Small Businesses

March, 2011

Bloomberg - Making Whoopi as Small Investors Absorb the Risk

Wall Street Journal - Whoopi To SEC: Let Small Firms Raise Capital

Press Release – SBE Council Member Neiss & Whoopi Goldberg Team up to Help Entrepreneurs Access Capital

February, 2011

Wall Street Journal – How the SEC Stifles Investment—and Speech


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